• Prize: The Sword In the Stone

    Prize: The Sword In the Stone

    This piece was finished for Illustration Friday and Illustration Age’s challenge word, “Prize”. It is the boy, Arthur, and the Sword in the Stone. That’s a prize, right? — Excalibur and the throne of England! I really wanted this completely done for IF but life happened and it was after midnight, EST on Thursday so […]

  • Enchanted: A 1920’s Cinderella

    Enchanted: A 1920’s Cinderella

    Sometimes when you’re tired, you do and say dumb things and then you *facepalm* and groan and hope you didn’t screw up too badly. I really need to get the littlest Jaegerling’s sleep schedule and my own to be better aligned (he’s two. what can I say?). Anyway, Penguin childrens’ book art director and mentor Giuseppe Castellano hosted […]

  • Little Yogis

    Little Yogis

    Somewhere around day 25 of my #100DaysOfSimple illustration challenge, I had the good fortune and timing (at long last) to take a day of yoga seminars with the amazing, effervescent, and inspiring, Tao Porchon-Lynch. The minute I walked into the room, I was overwhelmed by the sense of her tremendous positive and kinetic energy. It […]

  • “Gold From the Breakfast Tray”

    “Gold From the Breakfast Tray”

    It would appear that I’ve fallen into a hole the past couple of months since the February drawing challenge. I kind of did. I’ve been busy with odds and ends and little things here and there, work projects, the end of school… And I called up my website just now to see my last image […]