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What am I working on (that I can talk about)? Here’s my most recent upload to Instagram.

  • The Old Ways

    I’m supposed to be planning tonight’s big neighborhood Halloween Hotdogs potluck, cooking 216 hotdogs and five pounds of chicken nuggets, but the weather report has gotten so dire for this evening that we had to punt the party to tomorrow in favor of hopefully buying the kids a few more rain/wind/thunder-free trick or treating minutes […]

  • page_02_color_lo

    2019 SCBWI Narrative Art Award

    Here it is October. I’ve been away from my blog for so long that Wordpress has updated and is now FORCING me to use blocks. Which means it took me about five minutes to figure out that I needed to add a text block to the layout to be able to begin typing. Ahhh technology. […]

About Me

I’m an illustrator, writer, graphic designer, and visual artist living in northern Virginia with my husband, two inspiring and tiring children, and an amazing disappearing-reappearing Siberian forest cat.

My career has taken me through a variety of creative and mostly kid-oriented paths. I’ve worked on feature films; digitally colored comic books; art directed and designed web content for children’s television and toy properties; created worksheets, interactive media, instructional animations and illustrations for k-12 educational curricula; and worked on a picture book or two.

I’m a history nerd, yoga mom, kitchen alchemist, occasional fiddler, Arkansas traveler, west coast hippie, and lifelong New Yorker (in exile).

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