• Day_23_Toad_King_Welcomes_Spring2

    “Happy Thursday!” – The 3rd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest!

    Ok I totally wasn’t going to write anything for Susanna Hill’s 3rd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest. I really wasn’t. I’ve been way to busy to think of anything. So of course while playing “Whack-a-Mole Sunday” –jumping around from cleaning, to kid projects to bedtime– I accidentally came up with an idea. It also helps that […]

  • pushing_snowball_lo

    Voice Part 1 and #SnapShakeShine

    You are unique and you have a voice – Sarah Davies Let’s talk about the VOICE (not the TV show, although it’s probably relevant, I just don’t watch it so I wouldn’t know). I’ve been pondering this topic long before it was on the roster at the 2017 SCBWI Mid-Atlantic conference this past autumn.  Here’s […]

  • fox_color_med

    12th Night Has Passed. Let’s Get 2018 Started!

    I think January 1st is a very arbitrary day to begin a new year, don’t you? I mean, all those loose ends from the previous year are still cluttering up the to do list. Who am I kidding? That’s never-ending! But I need to keep this post fairly brief or I’m afraid I’ll never get […]