• “Gold From the Breakfast Tray”

    “Gold From the Breakfast Tray”

    It would appear that I’ve fallen into a hole the past couple of months since the February drawing challenge. I kind of did. I’ve been busy with odds and ends and little things here and there, work projects, the end of school… And I called up my website just now to see my last image […]

  • The #KidLitArt28 Challenge Part 2

    The #KidLitArt28 Challenge Part 2

    Last night I (mostly) successfully finished The Twenty-Eight Day Art Challenge. I admit it was a bit of a struggle to find time and energy to draw something every day for 28 days but it was a fantastic exercise and I’m ending the month more energized (and exhausted) than I began it. Balancing home and toddlers (the […]