At my dayjob, my department does these “creative challenges” every week or month just for fun. Sometimes it can be brainstorm-y. Sometimes it’s just experimental. Right now we’re in the middle of a fairy tales run (and I get to pick the next one… not sure which would be intresting yet).
Anyway, I decided I wanted to showcase a particular flash interface template that my colleague, Dan, created for high school math. We’ve been using this template a lot in the past year to help kids work through equations visually step by step. But I wanted to show off what else it could do so I put the entirety of “The Princess and the Pea” into it. I dashed off the illustrations really quickly between last night and this afternoon to be able to showcase it for the meeting today so it’s really not my best work. But it did allow me to loosen up my style a bit both in the penciling and the painting. This is all part of my plan to be able to get to draw more in my day job. I can’t post the interface here since it’s owned by my company, but I can post the illustrations. The full story text is here.