I created this piece for the Zip Code Show. It’s a group show and I’m happy to be showing with a bunch of lovely and talented artists, many of whom I met through Artomatic. Details are below. Opening night is next Saturday the 29th. I discovered I don’t really have a good photo of the piece from the front. Unlike the other pieces in the Score series, this one is vertical and the staff lines are not parallel (for those who can read music, it’s bottom to top, and, I believe, in the key of Bflat).

The ZIP Code Show is about artists and their relationships with their surroundings.

August 29th – September 5th
Halstead Gallery: 1028 South Walter Reed Drive in Arlington, VA 22204

Opening reception, Sat Aug 29, 5-midnight;
Gallery hours: Tue – Fri, 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm; Sat Sept 5, 5-10 pm



In the early 1990’s, kids drove their cars up to the top of Kenter at night to drink beer, smoke cigarettes, and make out to the music on their car sterios. The view from the top of Kenter is pretty stellar; the lights of the long boulevards sparkle and glitter, stretching miles to the ocean in the distance, and often you could hear the calling of the coyotes. I spent many nights up there with friends in my early 20’s.

A new addition to my continuing series, “The Score is a Work of Art”
Visual interpretations, conveying the spirit of music—inspired by its moods, emotions, genres and instrumentations.

Title “Hotel California (North Kenter Ave, Los Angeles 90049)”
22″ x 40″
texture paint, acrylic, sand, wire, cigarettes, glass