Artomatic is back! After 3 years, the artists have taken over an entire vacated office building in Crystal City (over by the Pentagon and National Airport in Arlington, VA). Man what a dusty, stuffy old space. I got stuck with blue carpet but what the hey. I’m generally pleased with my show this time around. It’s another part of The Score is a Work of Art series but dedicated to bluegrass music. If you’re in the DC area, check out Artomatic. My space is on the 11th floor behind the service elevator. (Space#11-3-03-0262 – Floor 11, Section 3, Area 3, Space 0262).

In other news, we just bought a new house and are selling our old one. We move in late June. It’s a great diet! Try and put an art show together while simultaneously packing up your house so it looks like you don’t live there and also chasing a 13 month old around who has suddenly figured out walking. Yeesh. I’ll be happy to get to the beach in July.

Edit: Here are some photos of the bluegrass band. If I was cleverer, I would have named it and posted a set list on the wall.

Wayfaring Stranger (Bass)

Big Scioty (Resonator Guitar)

Pretty Saro (Mandolin)

Little Cabin on the Hill #2 & #3 (Fiddles)

Blackberry Blossom (Banjo)

The Blackest Crow (Guitar)