I am tragically unhip. I don’t even GET the concept of the Throwback Thursday so I’m not even going to attempt to prove how square I am. Yes I said square. I just so like the sound of Throwback Thursday that I want to do it my way. So keeping with the theme of my year of looking back and going forward, I will now do a sketchbook throwback every so often (but not more than one a week). I was always a lousy sketcher but a fairly prolific ponderer. So sometimes the text is going to be a lot more interesting than the image. I suspect that will happen pretty often, actually. You see, I used to know everything.

This page appears to be from that very prolific year, 1995. I have no idea where the text came from. Maybe someone said it to me. maybe I copied it from somewhere. Maybe I made it up. The only thing I am quite sure about is that I wasn’t talking about anyone in particular. But I like the sound of it now.

“I called her, Max. Just to let her know I was here if she needed me. I’ve always been here for her. She’s just never chosen to need me. I wonder if things haven’t been better off for the two of us that way… We’re beyond being unalike. But that really hasn’t much to do with loving somebody.”