I wasn’t all that inspired by this weeks topic so this is more of a theme than a depiction. Rabbits’ feet. shoes, socks… Ok I got a little fixated on rabbits altogether last week because of the “drunk bunny” at Charlotte’s friend’s wedding.


Edit 5.23.06: Bunnies and Socks: A disquisition upon rabbit-ness. Ears or feet?

By Keith Ward
Which provides the essence of a bunny? Long ears help us hear, and cool us
off in the summer. Surely they are most important, and these human socks
surely must have been intended to protect our ears.

Feet: Wrongo! Our big feet provide quick getaways and keep us from
sinking in the snow. Because humans put socks on THEIR feet, which are
far less important or grand than OUR feet, surely ours deserve socks

Plus, look at how silly you look with that sock on you ear!