Happy Solstice! I posted just a hair too late to make it 6.21.06 but we can pretend. Thanks to Stefan for the lovely photo of the African village which inspred me to draw this instead of some stuffy Victorian ballroom scene. This piece is pretty big. I’m always torn about posting it closer to the actual size because I want to show more of the detail I worked on. Instead, I’m going to post a detail below.

dance detail

addendum: Summer Solstice – The Longest Day
Also known as Midsummer (as in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream), this is a time when it is said that elves and fairies come out in great numbers and bestow good luck on humans (if treated with respect, of course).

June is also the time when, traditionally, couples who pledged themselves at Beltane would make their wedding vows and, even today, June continues to be the most popular month for weddings.

It was believed that, as the God and Goddess made their sacred union at Beltane in May, it was unlucky for mortals to rival them by wedding at the same time so would wait to make their vows in June.