spring bunny
This is funny. I have discovered I have to act like it’s spring in order to get the right feeling inside me in order to paint a spring image. I did this with winter too. “Art-Acting!” Stay tuned for Summer Bunny.

Autumn Bunny
Winter Bunny

My friend, Christel, and I were comparing notes tonight on artist’s stumbling blocks while I was painting. I am learning so much from just the actual DOING of art… once I got beyond step 1, which is that not every piece will be a masterpiece (Accept that and stop trying to edit yourself while you’re drawing. Just let it come out. Sometimes it’s better than you could have possibly expected. Sometimes it fights with you. Just get it done and move on to the next).

Edit: 9.29.06 Jason says that Spring Bunny is perfect for Illustration Friday’s topic, “Quiet,” this week and insisted I submit it.

Also, just a quick opinion poll… Do you like the chick the way he is or should I change him so he’s also watching the sunset?