many moons

“The princess was lying in bed, but she was wide awake and she was looking out the window at the moon shining in the sky. Shining in her hand was the moon the court jester had got for her…” — James Thurber

Last week, the Illustration Friday subject was “Moon”. That was ironic because I’m working on a book about the moon. I spent all last weekend drawing moons, but I couldn’t post any of those illustrations! I’ve been wanting to do some illustrations for James Thurber’s “Many Moons” for a while now so I figured I play with that. I’m continuing to experiment with illustrating in all Flash. I wanted to post this for last week’s Illustration Friday but the time got away with me, so I’m hoping that it still works for “Missing” and I’m not cheating too badly!

The moon is not missing from the sky because it is hanging around Lenore’s neck. The sky has simply grown another moon.