Today is the first day of #the100dayproject 2021. My plan is to use this challenge for daily accountability to work on my Omer project using the hashtag, #100DaysOfOmer. I started the Omer project last spring but my available time got crushed by everything 2020, starting with the Covid lockdown and having elementary school-aged kids who demanded more of my time. I need the accountability because I tend to put my personal projects last, and because of that I have a lot of unfinished projects. I’m going to finish this one!

What is an Omer and what is my Omer Project?

Omer was a biblical unit of measurement, sometimes translated as “sheaves.” Beginning on the second night of Passover, Jews count the 49 days (7 weeks) between Passover and Shavuot on the 50th day. This is called Sefirat HaOmer, counting the Omer. 

My Omer project will be a deck of meditation cards based on the Kabalistic journey of the soul through the 7 weeks days ending on Shavuot. The approach I’m using for the art was originally inspired by Pamela Colman Smith’s work for the Arthur Waite’s Tarot deck.

Coincidentally, Sefirat HaOmer begins partway through the 100 Days project (Sunday, March 28) and ends one week after it ends (Sunday, May 16), so this was a great time for me to reboot. I’ll post more about the Omer, the Kabalistic attributes, and the journey as this project comes along.

Meanwhile, here’s a fun video from BimBam with more information about Sefirat HaOmer: