History of the Series:

Back in 2002, my musician/artist brother, Harris, and I were wandering around the galleries of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, discussing what really defined the concept of art when we ran across a canvas with little paper dots sewn onto it.  I got a little emphatic and proclaimed that the piece was silly.  It was something I could easily do.  Harris said, “Ok, so why don’t you?” and I responded, “Why would I want to sew little pieces of paper on a canvas?  There is no meaning in that to me.”  Of course it didn’t occur to me back then that it might have had meaning to the person who did it.  Contemporary art and I hadn’t clicked yet, and to this day I still prefer to know the artist’s intentions in order to understand the art rather than infer a meaning for myself.

Harris had died in the summer of 2008. I was cleaning out his apartment in Brooklyn when I came across a score he had arranged for a bluegrass group. In the margin he had written, “The score is a work of art.”  He was always pithy like that (for years his email signature read, “Art is a ruse”).  Anyway, that paper was on my desk when I was sorting through Harris’s work on his computer. I opened a piece of software he had been working on that he called “LiveScore.”  “LiveScore” takes a bit of explaining in itself, but suffice it to say that it is separate parts of sheet music that are automatically generated via audience-adjusted algorythm and are intended to be streamed on the fly to multiple computers and played by live musicians in real time.  The piece of software I’d opened, the “LiveScore” applet streamed a only blank score that had no beginning, no end, and no notes.

All of a sudden, I remembered that “stupid” canvas with the paper dots and it rearranged itself in my head, quite literally, into a score.  I created a piece that mimicked the LiveScore applet as the jacket cover for a memorial CD of Harris’s composition work.

The Concept:

Each of the pieces in The Score is a work of Art series is limited by three basic building blocks:  first, the ‘canvass’ or backdrop of the piece;  second, the musical staff lines, which must have no beginning or end, implying that music is infinite, and which  must pass through the backdrop on both sides rather than visible end; third, something must represent the notes; and finally, when those building blocks are met, my intention is for the piece to convey the feeling of the music visually.

The second piece I did in this series was also a tribute to Harris.  It was based on Bill Monroe’s “Little Cabin on the Hill” which was a song that Harris played.  I used some of his and some of my own old violin strings, and a bunch of skeleton keys I found on eBay.  This piece hangs in my living room.



recycled art show 2012

I’m recycling my art! No seriously, the Hotel California (Kenter Canyon) piece I did for the Zip Code Show in 2009 is part of the display at Arlington Central Library. More information here: http://library.arlingtonva.us/2012/06/08/recycled-art-show-reception/ Photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arlib/sets/72157630080973010/ And a little press: http://www.sungazette.net/arlington/people/recycled-art-exhibition-returns-to-library-after-hiatus/article_e082eb8a-b6dc-11e1-8c34-001a4bcf887a.html

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AoM 2012: TSIAWOA bluegrass

Bluegrass music mostly originated from the old time music of Appalachia, which itself was partly imported from the British Isles. Country, Gospel, Blues and the amorphously named “American Folk” styles were also thrown into the mix. More or less codified by the middle of the 20th century, the name and instrumentation derived from Bill Monroe’s […]

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artomatic 2012

Before: After: Artomatic is back! After 3 years, the artists have taken over an entire vacated office building in Crystal City (over by the Pentagon and National Airport in Arlington, VA). Man what a dusty, stuffy old space. I got stuck with blue carpet but what the hey. I’m generally pleased with my show this […]

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walking to caesarea (eli eli)

I finished another piece in The Score is a Work of Art series based on the hebrew song, walking to caesarea (eli eli). It is a very powerful piece – originally a poem – written by poet/playwrite/warrior Hannah Szenes who did not live to see 23 years old. The music was written by Israeli composer, […]

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for just a moment, variations 1 – 4

Theme and Variations “In music, variation is a formal technique where material is altered during repetition: reiteration with changes. The changes may involve harmony, melody, counterpoint, rhythm, timbre or orchestration.” – wikipedia We have a theme. You may recall, For Just a Moment: Now we have variations. Here are variations 1 though 4 (clockwise). For […]

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the zip code show: hotel california (north kenter ave., los angeles 90049)

I created this piece for the Zip Code Show. It’s a group show and I’m happy to be showing with a bunch of lovely and talented artists, many of whom I met through Artomatic. Details are below. Opening night is next Saturday the 29th. I discovered I don’t really have a good photo of the […]

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artomatic preview iii

I ended up with 6 total. The last 3 are below (I really need to get a better camera!): Book of Days: For Just a Moment: Gloomy Winter’s Now Awa’:

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artomatic preview ii

Home Sweet Home 2009 detail 3 more to finish. Maybe 4. We’ll see.

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artomatic preview

So far I have 2 pieces finished for artomatic. The photographs really don’t do them justice. There’s a lot of texture and the shades and colors have got lost. But what the heck, this is what I’ve been up to. livescore 2008 livescore detail Little Cabin On The Hill 2009 Little Cabin On The Hill […]

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