Toad King Welcomes Spring (an old unfinished sketch)

Ok I totally wasn’t going to write anything for Susanna Hill’s 3rd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest. I really wasn’t. I’ve been way to busy to think of anything.

So of course while playing “Whack-a-Mole Sunday” –jumping around from cleaning, to kid projects to bedtime– I accidentally came up with an idea. It also helps that I’m currently enrolled in Susanna’s Making Picture Book Magic class, and it would appear that whenever she says “write something,” I can’t help but write… something.

The rules: Write a Valentines story appropriate for children (children here defined as ages 12 and under) maximum 214 words in which someone is hopeful!

Here’s my something:

\"Happy Thursday!\"

“Happy Valentines Day, Toad!” called Mouse, skipping past the gate.

“Bah!” glumphed Toad. “Happy Thursday.”

Mouse skidded to a stop. “Is something wrong, Toad?”

“Oh. No.” Toad sighed, “Happy Thursday!” He picked up the morning paper and slammed his door.

Mouse scratched her head. “But… it’s Wednesday,” she thought.

“Toad!  I have a Valentine for you!”

“Go away.”

Mouse frowned. She still had 223 more Valentines to deliver!

She slid Toad’s under his door. It slid back out again.

“I said go away.”

Mouse was steamed. She plucked up the Valentine and stomped away.

At suppertime, Toad leaned on the gate watching Mouse shuffle back up the path.

“Happy Thursday!” He glumphed, “What’s wrong?”

“You’ve ruined my day,” Mouse pouted. “You could have just accepted my Valentine!”

“I didn’t want it. I don’t like Valentine’s Day.”

“What’s wrong with taking a special day to appreciate your friends?”

Toad croaked, “Delivering 300 Valentines doesn’t make anyone feel special. I don’t want a card, I want you to be my friend.”

Mouse felt sad. Toad had a point, but she didn’t know what to do.

“Do you want to come in for pizza?” Toad asked.

Relieved, Mouse smiled. She was tired and had forgotten to eat all day.

“Yes, Toad. Thanks! You\’re a good friend indeed.”

Edit 2-26-2018:

oooooh! Congratulations to the all the winners, honorable mentions, and EVERYONE who made time to write (and read) some great ValenTINY stories! And THANK YOU to my pocket-muse, Susanna Leonard Hill, for hosting another great competition!

While I wasn\’t among the winners this time, My ValenTINY placed an honorable mention for \”For Conveying A Great Message\”