Continuing my project of bringing my older works up to date… This was the second of a series of acrylics I did back in 1995 that I called, “The Purple People.”

This painting is completely and unapologetically my rendition of the Sting song, Fields of Gold. I honestly don’t know the story behind the song, so this is the story I told. A young couple meet and fall in love. But they’re not in the same time and place for happily ever after. The man wishes to go off and see the world and the woman gives her heart to go along with him. But he doesn’t come back in a timely fashion. The woman does not want to be alone. She marries a man who loves her even though her heart is still absent. They do have a happy life together with children and grandchildren. He dies with a life complete. The woman, now old, takes satisfaction in watching her grandchildren grow and play and in the last years of her life, her heart returns. The man has returned from seeing the world with it’s weightiness behind him on his back and finally gives the woman his heart for good.

This painting is available as a print on deviantArt.