Artomatic, the area’s largest free pop-up art museum returns to Crystal City!

This year features over 600 artists, performers, musicians, and creatives of all stripes showcasing their talents on seven vacated floors of a former Department of Homeland Security building at 1800 S. Bell Street in Crystal City, Virginia.

Living in the DC area definitely provides some weird opportunities.

Anyway, look for my work in space#3402 on the third floor behind the movie theater. Look for this sign:

As you see, I’m sharing the room with my talented and creative friend, the incomparable, Alexandra Zealand!

You’ll have to check out the project she’s working on as well!

My little helper. Maybe we should put her to work painting the living room now?

The small works I’m showing this year were created for illustration challenges Kidlitart28

…and the 100 Days Project that produced a series of food illustrations and the Little Yogis series. It’s also where I discovered that I love working in colored pencil.

I noticed I haven’t posted much about my other works from the 100 Days project. I should fix that.

A tweet that wondered what fairy tales would look like in the style of Erté inspired me to begin a series set in the 1920’s.

Other subjects I frequent include children, food, goddesses, spirituality, and Jewish themes.

My daughter (who is now almost 6) watches me in the studio. She often asks me to print out my line art so she can color it in HER way. She wanted to help create this display. I figured why not?

Where else but Artomatic can you really let your child crayon on the walls? She says she wants to be an artist when she grows up. But she’s an artist now (goddess, help me!)

Prices for original colored pencil pieces range from $35 – $350

Archival quality prints of everything in the show are available — just write me for details. They’re $12 for 5 x 8 — $17 for 8 x 10 exclusive of shipping.

Some prints are currently available in my Etsy shop. 8 x 10 archival prints are $17 until May 8th – throughout the run of the show. Use promotion code, “AoM2017” at checkout.

I will be making more prints available in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, see you tonight at the opening of Artomatic 2017!